I currently own a Randall RG75G2 and have used this for a couple of years I'm happy with the sound but was looking forward to upgrading to a tube amp I've just recently seen a good deal for a Randall RG50TC.

Is there any difference between a RX50TC and a RG50TC ?

I play thrash/death metal mainly just gigging at home nothing serious and was wondering if there is much of a sound difference in these 2 amps, I've never owned a Tube amp and was curious about how it would compare to the SS amp ?

Is it worth selling the RG75G2 and upgrading to the RG50TC, do all I need to check is that the valves are in OK cond. ?

I haven't played either amp but technically the RG should give you better sound quality (more pleasing to the ear-- less sterile) and will be quite a bit louder than your solid state RG.

I have never heard of the RX50TC... I have heard of the RX series which is another solid state amp similar to your RG (lower quality I believe). Do you mean the new RT series? This is the new RG50TC (plus now they offer head versions as well). I don't know how these new RT amps compare but im sure they are as good quality-wise and may even be better? There are some clips of the RT on youtube (not many and most aren't very good but it gives you an idea).
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Hi cheers for the reply, I'm sure the amp I saw listed was a RX50TC but maybe I could be wrong?

The other one I've also seen is a RG50TC so I wasn't sure if there was much of a difference ?

Cheers again.
The RX50TC may be a typo by the seller as I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist.

I've always herd good things about the RG50TC. If I had the cash I'd be getting myself one before all the sellers go out of stock as the RG series has been recently been discontinued and all the sellers have them on clearance for pretty damn cheap. But I don't so I'll stick with my RG75G3+.
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if you can trade an R(wat)50(wat) for an RG50TC i'd say take it. the 50TC is definitely geared towards thrashy+ stuff and etc.. i'd say do it.
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Cheers but would it be that much of a different sound to my current RG75G2 SS amp ?