What's the funniest thing you've accidentally recorded in the studio/home?

I had my microphone set pretty high and a fart escaped and came through in the recording.

Also, a friend of mine yelling and cussing loudly after screwing up a vocal take.

What about you? What are some funny things that require you to do a re-take?
My parents doing it.....
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i recorded my friend singing along (very loudly) to "make damn sure" by TBS. the mic was really close to him so you could barely hear the song in the backround. it was god freakin awful
Well, I was recording vocals, just rough ones, and I could hardly scream that day to to a cold, so I was screaming, and it started off like pretty legit, then it fizzled out, and all you heard was "YEAHHHhhhhhh..............****!...!"

I'll search for the file

edit* FOUND


download if you'd liek to hear it (:
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I accidentally recorded an A minor chord instead of an A Major chord.. I laughed for days
@theandrew That did start out pretty legit.
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@theandrew That did start out pretty legit.

haha, well uh thanks, but I'm terrible at holding high screams...
Sometimes I forget I'm recording so you can hear random people in my band shouting swears or our frustration trying to work out a song. It's fun to listen to later. One time, one of our friends was with us.

Friend: (sees lead singers phone bachground) is that your girlfriend?
LS: Yeah...
Friend: I like your girlfriend
LS: I like my girlfirend too...
Then, all of a sudden you hear the drummer shout: GUYS, I FOUND THE METRONOME!

It was lulz.
My sister started mocking my dog for humping a stuffed animal while I was recording some rough riffage. Good Stuff.
The other guitarist in the band I used to be in was recording his part, I'd just finished so I went and had a smoke, came back in high as tits, walked across the room, tripped and fell into the drumkit.

Odd thing was, it matched up perfect, just after he finished. It sounded something like duuunnn duuunn DUN *crash* "AH ****!!"

We were laughing for days. Even our drummer, who was pissed at first, listened to the recording and forgave me.
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