Hey guys, felt this was the best place to post this thread.

I'm going to be playing at an open mic night next Thursday, and in my set, I'm going to include a cover of Seven Nation Army, played on my semi-acoustic Takamine. I bought a feedback buster which has helped curb the feedback, but at higher volumes, the feedback can be heard over what I play on the guitar. Now I know it's going to be damn near impossible to play heavily distorted (Big Muff style) acoustic and to not get any feedback; that's fine. I just need to curb the feedback a little more so that when I play, it soars over the feedback.

So, I got thinking, and came up with the idea of stuffing a blanket into my acoustic to absorb the excessive reverberating sound waves. Now my question is: will this affect the way the pickup detects the vibration of the strings? That is to say, will it fuck up my sound?

Thanks guys.
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Any little thing you do to a guitar changes it's sound, so yes, doing that will make the sound more dull, even if you're plugging in.
To get a great acoustic distortion, I do what John Butler does; BOSS Bass OD-3. Works great and gives the guitar the distortion you need without ****ing up the sound too much and causing a bunch of feedback like Big Muffs do

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