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04 ELitist 57 Gold Top
2 20%
04 Elitist LP Plus Top
8 80%
Voters: 10.
It's no secret I'm a Les Paul man these days (my Sig and Profile give that away).
I just got the go-ahead from the "Boss" to buy a real Gibson Les Paul (not Bruce Springsteen, but my Wife!)(Married guys will understand!).
I like Standards, Gold Tops and lately the Traditionals seem to have what I want in an LP (50's neck, weight relieved but not chambered). The reviews on the Trads seem pretty consistently good so I'm swinging in that direction. At Long & McQuade I can get a Gold Top for $2225.00 CDN or various see-thru finishes (iced Tea, Cherry Burst, Light Burst, Desert Burst etc) for $2450.00 CDN. L&M gets there guitars thru Yorkville sound (Canadian Distributor) so they've alreadt been purchased (some are 08 Standards and the others 08 or 09 models).
As a result, I'll have to sell one of my Elitists and there's the problem. The Epi 57 Gold Top is my favourite and if I keep that why would I buy a Gibson Gold Top?
If I keep the Gold Top, I'll need to either buy a see thru finish Trad or the Black Standard (also only $2450.00 CDN). My first electric was a Taro Black LP so there's some nostalgia invovled here I think!
Which of my Two Elitists would be easier to sell in your opinions?
The GT was purchased in 04 for $1475 CDN & I'd ask $1000 (almost mint condition)
The Plus Top was purchase for $1675 CDN & I'd ask $1200 (even better condition but has micarta nut now vs bone).
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don't sell either man just save save save until you don't need to! both are amazing guitars!
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I don't need to sell first to buy but having three electrics is kinda hard to justify!
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Edit: ^It's not once you have the third. Just set one up with .13's in open E as a slide guitar, one in Eb, and one in E.

Probably the Plus. I'll kill you if you sell the goldtop though; every goldtop has a base coat of pure sex under the gold, people who give that up have no souls!

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nooo I have 6 electrics! they're so hard to part with!
Gibson Les Paul Standard 2004
Fender Telecaster Custom 72RI 2009
Ashdown Fallen Angel 60DSP
Fender Blues Junior
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Update: Aftre making some phone calls and an email......
I have to visit 2 or possibly 3 Guitar Works stores and 1 Long & McQuade on Saturday as each store is only carrying one - two Traditionals at this time. I'm going to go thru all before back tracking and choosing the best. Hopefully I find a good one, if not both stores offer an order in & try before buy policy but it isn't ideal.

Wish me luck.
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Good luck! If your going to get one jump on them soon. I read an article today saying that in 2-3 weeks Gibbos will be sold out everywhere. Thanks to the recent floods in Nashville. Gibson is saying they will not be back in full production till mid July. Which really sucks being that I just ordered a New Gold top yesterday.
If you start a reply with: I have never played one but I have heard good things about it! Your opinion is invalid.
Went to all three Guitars Works and Long & McQuade today and came home with no LP.
The first GW had a Gold Top - some cosmetic imperfections, nut too high and action ridiculously high as well. They also had a Cherry Burst, same issues and it didn't feel as nice as the GT.
The second GW had one Cherry Burst, seemed to feel OK (except nut and string height) but it was scratched up a bit and I'm not paying new for damaged goods. The guy working in the store didn't know the difference between weight relieved and chambered (said they're the same) and swore no weight relief in Traditionals. I left him searching the Gibson Website to update his information & hopefully learn what he's atlking about.
Then to the 3rd GW store and all they had was a floor model Ebony Trad. It looked good in Ebony but the strings were so old and of course the setup sucked.
Then to L&M, one Gold Top with same crap setup, and the body was clearly two piece which it shouldn't be! Their second model was a Cherry Burst and it felt unstellar as well.
I ended up talking with their Gibson trained guy and he helped me order one in in Honey Burst to check out (no obligation). He added some notes to the warehouse guy to search for one based on my tastes and there's supposed to by 17 HB Trads in their warehouse to select from. Hopefully this 'll be it and if not he said we could try as often as it takes to get one I like.
Now just some observations on the guitars I tried today.
Setups were all poor to bad. The brdiges were raised so high there was more than 1/4 inch of clearance beneath the string to the fret crowns! You could try lowering the bridge in store but the Treble PU was so high the strings would be laying on it. Honestly who adjusts these things?
The wood was beautiful (especially on the GTs as the it was natural colour) and the neck grain ran in such a way as there were no natural weak spots in the wood itself at the headstock/neck joiint.
The Nuts were all a little high for my taste but that is fixable as is the action.
The plecked frets were even but on one or two guitars the tops were not nicely crowned and seemed a little flattened.
It seems they don't fill the grain prior to finishing with the nitro as the grain shows thru which will take some getting used to on my part being used to the poly finishes on my Elitists. This is also one reason I tunred down the Ebony, it looks better with a thicker finish although this didn't seem to impact the look on the Gold Top top.
So that will be it till the HB comes in sometime inthe next 5-7 days so if all goes well, there'll a NGD and follwing on after that I'll submit a review as I didn't see any Trads listed.


BTW I really, really appreciate my Elitists today, I also tried some Standards but nothing worth mentioning.
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