hey guys, i live in india so getting my hands on pedals other than boss, digitech and to an extent mxr are pretty limited. but more importantly, its the issue of accessories like pedal boards, jumper cables n such which are absurdly expensive.

do u know any american or european sites which would ship to asia? especially, india? they needn't have the widest range of gear. its the basic stuff i need anyway.
Not sure, but you can build your own pedalboard fairly easily. Just get a piece of wood and go to your hardware store, pick up velcro, zip ties, paint, etc.
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thanks dude but a pedalboard was just one of my problems. like i said u do get most things here but its almost double the US rates. i still need some pedals and other accesories.. does anyone know any site that ships to asia?
or is there any safe way of buying pedals n shit used from someone in the US/europe without getting duped??