Im getting my rookie paws on a 65 bassman head. and im thinkin about which cabs i should get? could i do a 4x10 acoustic? im a retard when it comes to tech specs and dont wanna blow anything up. Comments and suggestions are appreciated, thank you in advance
just make sure the watts are higher on the cab than on the amp and make sure that the ohms are equal or higher on the cab then the head.
no sir away a papaya war is on
hehe, dude Frank, we just talked about this today. Just make sure you have enough ohms and nothing should blow up.
Weird though, huh, that I just happened to click on this thread XD
O.o how do you know that this isnt a different frank with a 65 bassman? lol ya its me, and that is really weird. Thanks for the help! i should be good