I just bought a new pair of shoes, and I've noticed that when I walk, they make a much louder sound than my last pair.

Its been over a year since I bought my last pair, so I can't remember if these were as loud as the new ones when I first bought them.

So in your guys' experience, do shoes get quieter as they break in for the first few weeks?
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I guess it would kinda make sense because the rubber is all new and even and hasn't been roughed up...right?

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i agree, new shoes are definitely harder rubber and hit with a sharper tapping sound.

new shoes' rubber has been worn and softened. I have old pairs and new pairs of shoes for differen things and when i wear each i notice this difference.
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what kind of noise?

Sometimes when i wear converse, they make a squeaky farty noise from rubbing off my heel.

Other than that, my shoes dont make noise.