Hey guys,

I have been playing the bass for a few years now, and I was kind of wanting to do like a side project just for fun; write a few songs ect. however I'm just a bassist and a vocalist. I was thinking using like Fruity Loops for like a basic drum beat and maybe some electronic sound for like Lead. Basically I'm asking is there any way to do something solo for bass w/o it just being bass?

tldr; is there a way to do a solo project for bass.

SIDE NOTE: This is nothing professional by any means. So by project I mean an extension of a hobby XD
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Me and a friend are thinking of starting something using piano as percussion and rhythm with a bass doing rhythm, melodies and maybe even leads. If that's any help.

Also look up the doom band OM.
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Try writing a part for your music to be played on bass and use an octave pedal to raise it an octave. You could also try something like piccolo strings on a bass. You can get some great tones with them.
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I would use looping pedals. Lay down your bassline and get some drums in there, and then do the melody with the higher octave.

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Move between textures and diverse layers. This is regardless of loopers or a drum track. You could have a million instruments and still be sterile. Choose your notes and voicings, you can have very interesting song structures with just a bass. use pedal notes, pedals, delays, harmonics, anything you can.