Im looking into setting up a small band practice/demo type home studio. Mostly to record practices, ideas, and demos. Im just not sure what would be the best type of computer. Since my drummer lives about an hour away i would travel to his house record, then come back to mine, to mix, edit, record more guitars, vox, bass, keys that kinda of stuff so i was thinking a laptop for ease of moving around. But im not sure if a laptop would be strong enough to handle say, a mic'd gtr amp, mic'd drum kit( id say about 5 to 7 mics on the kit) and to vox mics. My other concern is would it be better to run all the drum mics into a separate mixer strickly for the drums and then run the mixer outs into a a/i with the vox and gtr amp? Im looking at a presonus audio interface. I have some recording experience but with a digital recorder, nothing computer based or this higher level recording. Any suggestions or ideas would be amazing.
I record on a Dual-core Intel chip laptop w/4-gigs of ram running Windows 7 Ultimate - works great - wish I would have bought the 17" instead of the widescreen 15.6", cause my screen is loaded up with DAW, VST's, etc. I have a killer Mac G5 system but this laptop is powerful - with the right interface (Firewire probably) I'd tackle a whole band... If you go laptop and firewire you want a Texas Instrument FW card (unless you find one with a built-in TI FW chipset or buy a new MacBook Pro). Or look at those ALL-IN-ONE desktops (like a PC Imac) - they wouldn't be as hard to move around...

like this one


or more powerful even...

Now running an Eleven Rack with Pro Tools 10.3.3 - it's amazing and I'm having ball with it - worth every penny. PT 10 is tops IMO and the Eleven Rack is a work of art!
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Honestly, nowadays pretty much any computer will be able to run some kind of DAW. With a laptop, you might want to go for a higher end model, like a Mac of some kind (I use my Macbook Pro) but anything with decent specs should be fine. An entry level one would, but you'll want something a bit more powerful.

An external mixer wouldnt be good for the drums, because then when you take it home you'll be stuck with whatever drum mix you used when you recorded it. Running them all into separate tracks is the best way to do it.

Which Presonus interface are you looking at? I'm guessing the FireStudio? That would be a great interface for what you want.
oh and the computer as far as a desktop i was looking at was the hp pavilion elite hpe-250f which is intelcore i7 860(2.80ghz) 8gb ddr3 1tb ati raden hd5770 with windows 7home premium 64bit, im hoping for 1200 bucks it can handle a live band recording situation
Lols, you don't need an i7, 8gb of ram and a Radeon 5770 for recording. You've got more of a midrange gaming PC there than a recording PC.

You'd be able to get by with pretty much any PC on the market with at least a dual core processor and 4gb of ram for recording. My current recording PC is an Athlon 64 x2 3800+ with 4gb of ram. Yes, its like a 6 year old computer but it runs faster than most (mainly due to the fact that I keep it off the internet and use it only for recording).

As for micing the drums, what do you want to get out of your recording? Do you want "hey, heres my band and I practicing" or do you want something that with a little bit of post processing, you could sell as a CD? If you're looking for something pro sounding, I'd get the FireStudio. That way, you're able to record 5-7 drum mics to separate tracks to allow some good post processing.
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agreed on the firestudio. And thanks for the advice on the comps as well. Atleast now i wont be wasting all that money on a computer i wont be using to its full use.