Hi guys i want to hear in a sentence what you think of the following guitar brands:

ESP:ESP itself
and LTD
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Ibanez: Good guitars for metal/shred, but avoid the trems on non-high-end RG models
Schecter: The cheapest way to get a high end guitar.
Fender: Anything with "Fender" on the headstock is likely to be a good guitar, but will not likely supply a "metal" tone.
ESP: Great quality and features if you can afford it, usually built for metal.
LTD: Good quality and features if you can't afford an ESP.
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Ibanez: Good quality never failed me.
Schecter: If I didn't own Ibanez guitars, I'd own these. Equal on level with Ibanez.
Fender: I have a soft spot for Strats, so I hope to own one. Fender is also pretty good quality, just make sure you find a good strat if you buy a Mexican model.
ESP: Read the Schecter line (and if I had the money)
LTD: Look at Schecter

Overall these are all companies I can trust and like.
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Ibanez: Good quality, especially the prestige line, and can do many different types of music (although it seems metal is it's main genre).
Schecter: Don't have personal experience, but I've heard lots of good things and looks like its made specifically for metal.
Fender: Good for a variety number of music, but when I hear Fender, I think blues or jazz.
ESP: Another company that suits the metal genre quite well.
LTD: Squier version of the ESPs.
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i heard ESP are overpriced and i also heard from a local guitar tech that he onced stripped a schecter neck and found out the wood was not what they stated, in other words they cheated... but ok nice opinions
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I think this thread is pretty stupid really.
Ibanez have low end guitars (Gios and others below 5** model numbers), but also have better non-Prestiges, then Prestiges, American Masters, LACS, J-Customs.
Schecter have low end guitars (Omen/Damien) and higher end models too
Fender have Mexican, Japanese and American guitars, all vary in quality
ESP are Japanese, all great guitars, LTD are Korean/Indonesian made models of the ESP range, and range from beginners guitars up to the Deluxe series which are great guitars.

You cant define a company/brand as a whole in one word without considering what range you're looking at.
Good guitars available in all price range and style. Often come with too thin neck to my liking but they're very playable, still. Their higher Prestige series is very highly respected by me.

Not so good low-range models but mid and high range are all candy. The C-1 shape is their flagship and it's the most beautiful guitar shape to my eyes! Most of the neck are a bit too thick for my taste, though. Their customer support is very helpful.

Nice and versatile on the clean side and only so-so on the distorted side. Solid reputation on their American series.

Very good guitar company. My absolutely favorite. The lower range guitar are not at all good but the higher end LTD and ESP Standard series are top-notch. A bit too much on the metal side with so many EMG equipped models but the Seymour Duncan ones are really versatile. Customer support never replied my mails but they did sent out replacement parts very quickly.

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