Want the new Dr Z ZWreck prototype amp for $25 bucks...

Here is your chance:

"The amplifier is a collaboration of one of Doc’s and Ken Fischer’s greatest achievements; a prototype ZWreck, in a custom made wood cabinet by none other that our own Harvey Reams".

"As many people here know, Doc's right hand man at the shop passed away back in 2006. His name was Kurt Bommersbach. He was a dear friend of Doc. When we set up this raffle, Jason and I went around trying to figure out a worthy charity for the proceeds. Jason asked me about Kurt's widow, Kate. I thought that was a great idea. So, I contacted Doc, and he then found Kate and told her what we wanted to do for her. She was absolutely shocked that we would think of her, and broke out in tears. Now, here's the kicker. Kate will actually be present at Brothers Lounge on Saturday to pick the winning ticket".

A good cause, and a fine amp!
I am in there for my chance, and also selected gift as instructed!!
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I hope it goes well for them, and they raise allot of money for Kurt's wife.

The prototype ZWreck would be fun to own too.

I think the Dr. is a good guy for doing this.
This is what I found...

"This was an updated or tweaked version of Ken and my original Z-Wreck. Ken coined the name Z-Wreck BTW.
After it was presented to Brad, Ken and I had more discussion
on the design and Ken had some idea's to increase the harmonic content and 3D tone.

I left well enough alone until one day I got a bug to dust off Ken's notes and play with a new layout for the Z-Wreck.
Spoke to Brad and he wanted to hear it ASAP.
Fed-Ex it Friday night and Monday it was on Leno.

I haven't spoken to Brad yet but will soon.
I will have a couple on hand for Z-fest for all to try.
At Z-fest I'll announce my decision on it's future.