So I noticed a humming problem on my Jaguar bass recently...I bought the bass used off of Musicians Friend and noticed that the tone knob was loose. I took it in to the tech and he indeed fixed the knob, but the buzzing problem came back (I thought that the wiring of the knobs was scratching against something else but apparently not).

I notice that I only hear the buzzing noise after playing a note (especially very aggressively) and leaving my hand off of the strings. If I put my hand off the strings or wiggle my guitar cable a bit the buzzing will go away.

What could be wrong?
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Sounds like it's not grounded properly. There would be a thin strip of metal underneath the bridge, make sure it's in contact with the bridge and you should be fine. If it doesn't go away, wait for someone who knows a little more about these issues to come along I'd almost definitely say it's a grounding problem though, seeing as it buzzes when you lift your hands off the strings.
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