Haven't been playing guitar for a few years, but started up again this year. Last time I played I was in a high school punk bank but nowadays I'm more interested in the blues side of things so I'm looking for a nice overdrive pedal with a 'warm' tone and I wanted to hear some opinions on my different choices... currently i'm looking at the following...

Boss blues driver (BD-2)
Digitech screamin' blues
digitech hardwire CM-2 tube overdrive
Boss os2/sd-1

Otherwise I'm considering biting the bullet and living on toast for a while and getting a boss ME-50 multieffect.

So... my questions...
Anyone here have experience with the above overdrives? Opinions? Looking for a warm blues tone with the potential to get some crunch out of the pedal for a rockier sound, so I think that rules out the CM-2 even though it does sound nice. I currently have a boss metalzone MT-2 but it's way over the top and has no 'warmth' whatsoever to it's tone even though i've heard of people use it more as an overdrive.

I know multi-effects aren't popular but how effective is the ME50 in emulating the separate [boss] stompboxes' sound? I am on a bit of a budget so I'm thinking maybe get the multieffect to save on the rest of my effect setup's cost over the next few months and use the extra money for a better amp.
I have a Marshall Bluesbreaker (BB-2) and it sounds great... Nice warm blues tones and a boost mode for crunchier AC/DC like overdriven tube sounds.
definatly DO NOT get the boss ME-50.

Get a good amp instead, a nice tube amp will nail that bules sound without a pedal...

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If you do plan on getting an overdrive pedal, I'd recommend an Ibanez TS-808.
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What's your current ampage?
If you have a small average sounding modelling amp then you are going to want to replace that before any pedals really have a decent effect on your sound.
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Ok... think i'd rather build out a nice pedalboard over the next few months than get a multieffects. Thoughts on Marshall Valvestate?
out of those you listed, go with the hardwire.

or get an ibanez tube screamer 808
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dunno about a valvestate but im in the same situation as you (used to play hard rock when hard rock was still hard rock, around 1998 or so, then put the guitar down, picked it up again a few months ago, now into more bluesy stuff, clapton, jimi, stones, beatles etc.) I picked up a MXR classic distortion used at GC a few weeks back, and its pretty nice. clear sound, and these 3 knobs can produce quite a range of tones. nothing too muddy like a metal pedal, but not ringing clear either. nice balance, if you can find one of course. they say the disortion III is close, but not the same exactly. if u ever see one, its black with a yellow hotrod pinstripping on it. id grab it if you want a nice clear mid-high range distortion reminiscent of early jimmy page - jimi hendrix - cream type of distortion.
would love to get an ts 808 but it's about 2x my budget :/ What about the ts-9?
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Thoughts on Marshall Valvestate?

Complete and utter rubbish.

PS: it is easy to mod a TS9 to a TS808 and there are other mods that will improve on that too.
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