Hey guys, I started playing a little while ago and I am loving it. I am playing a electric right now and have no complaints, except portability. I have been looking for something I can throw over my back and go hiking with. I would love to sit on a mt top and be able to play my guitar. I just graduated college, so cost is a huge factor for me. So naturally I went and hopped on ebay to see what kind of deals I could find. I found someone selling ridiculously cheap travel guitars, and while ridiculously cheap is exactly what im looking for, it throws up a red flag. Heres a link to the site that sells them new http://cooldiscountinstruments.com/shop/Acoustic-Guitar-Travel-Guitars/c1_9/p47/Kentucky-Blue-Acoustic-Steel-String-Travel-Guitar-Backpacker-Dulcimer/product_info.html Now I do not have very high hopes for the quality/sound, I'm willing to trade off for the price and portability. My only concern is that the thing will sound like a tinny toys r us guitar made for a 5 year old. has anyone ever seen/played one of these? Will I completely be wasting my money?
On a side note, the backpacker does not sound like a full body guitar, nor will any guitar that size sound like one. It's physically impossible.

Also, the backpacker is very top heavy and usually must be played with a strap. i tried to play it without one once, and i found it very difficult
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I know I'll be sacrificing sound, and that it wont sound like a whole body guitar because of the acoustics of the body itself. Thats something I'll just have to live with. I have also seen others talk about the neck heavy problem, so I would be looking to get a strap with it for sure.

That does look like a nice guitar. Unfortunately, I just cant afford or justify buying something that expensive right now. My choices at this point are either low price, or no guitar. Its hard to justify because I just bought a new amp not too long ago, and the fact that it wouldn't get a huge amount of use, only when I go out on the trails or by the lake. It would also be my first travel, so I dont want to throw a bunch of money at it, and then down the road end up hating it. I've only had maybe 20-30 min playing one while I was at GC.
I got a Taylor big baby, it's pretty nice, just a bit smaller than a normal guitar. The neck also comes off with two screws, great if you want to put it in a suitcase. They make a baby too, it's really small though.
good stuff. i was only bringing up the point because when i did some research for the backpacker, i noted that nearly every other review complained that it did not sound like a full body guitar. i'm glad you're intelligent enough to understand what you're sacrificing.
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i bought one of those out of curiosity and it was THE worst guitar in the universe, not very playable and sounded terrible. partly this was due to the ungodly bad intonation, but that wasn't the only issue - it seemed to be made of cheap plank wood, and not well made or even sort of well made. the paint appeared to be canned spray paint LOL

maybe you can find something used you can afford - a used washburn rover, perhaps? they're very portable, and while quiet, they feel and sound pretty good. since they start at $150ish, used you might find one you can afford.

if you're looking for a mini dread the size of a baby taylor, and if you can swing around $125, i highly recommend a yamaha jr1. looks just like the full sized yamaha dreads, but smaller and lighter. while i admit the finish on the back and sides isn't quite up the the usually yamaha high standards, it's actually a pretty well-made guitar and sounds good, much more tone than a backpack guitar. mine came with a fully unpadded but useable fitted gig bag.

or perhaps if you can't swing it, a dean playmate - it won't sound as good, but it won't sound as bad as the guitar i got on ebay, either.
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Awesome video man! It actually sounds better than I expected out of something so small. I had played a backpacker for a little while at GC like I said, but its really hard to tell what it truly sounds like while I have Joe Blow with the amp and gain cranked to 11 next to me trying to sound cool and missing every other note. Along with the rest of the store booming with sounds.

Sounds like I might decide against it then. I'm not as strapped for cash I guess as much as my other post came out to seem.(while im certainly not rich) Its more that its hard to justify in my head spending that kind of money because I just blew a bunch of money on my guitar, and it wouldn't be an everyday guitar. I'm still way over my head learning everything I have for my electric. I wasn't dead set on getting it, but I go hiking very frequently and just thought there would probably no place I'd rather play than out in the woods on a nice cliff edge somewhere. A nice full size is definitely in my future for sure, I love the sound of a full acoustic. Only real reason I started on electric was, A) I found a nice used on at the local shop and B) I live in an apt so I can still play as hard as I want late at night with a pair of headphones on and not disturb anyone. But portability was my #1 concern with this purchase for sure so those the full size are outta the question for the time being.

Yea I see where your coming from for sure, I read some reviews of people complaining about that as well. I find it almost common sense that its obviously not going to sound as full, but maybe its just my background that makes it common sense. I've found lately that a lot of people don't know things that I think are blatantly common sense. No one seems to think or problem solve for themselves anymore. Most people do nothing but intake and regurgitate lines of facts.

Thank you! I was hoping someone here had tried one. and unfortunately mine and everyone elses speculation about it were true lol. Looking used is a good idea, and that dean is something ill definitely look at, thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks everyone for your input, I really appreciate it! Looks like I'll be looking in the used world and if not then saving up some money to get something. For now I guess ill just have to stick to music on my iphone while up on the mt lol