I've had a search on here, and found some stuff helpful, but I need a bit more help

I've ordered a new Graphtec nut for my explorer, as the old one was spent, anyway, the old one looks like it has been araldited in place, araldite is a 2 part epoxy that sticks like shit to a blanket, anyway, I need some advice removing this as it's stuck in place good and proper.

I was thinking of using a razor saw, to carefully cut down the side of t he nut and fretboard to break the bond. then try tapping it out carefull with a hammer, if I do this I will be hoping the epoxy has gone brittle with time, but if it has a solid bond underneath the nut, it will take some wood with is I'm guessing...

...so what would be the correct way to go about getting the old nut out?

Thanks for any help given
Try hammering it out, but don't get too aggressive. If it doesn't come off with a moderate amount of force, don't continue. Make sure you score with an xacto knive all around the nut to avoid finish damage.

If it doesn't come out, the next step would be to saw the nut lengthwise down the middle. Use a thin kerf saw like an xacto saw and make sure you don't go past the bottom of the nut. Try to work it loose again.

If that doesn't work, carefully saw from the back of the nut towards the fretboard and as close to the bottom as possible. Then carefully sand through whatever is left of the nut and the epoxy down to the wood.

Make sure you do not saw into any part of the guitar itself.

That's how I'd do it, but someone else here might have a better idea.
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