Hopefully this is the right section to post this in?
So here's the deal, some friends of mine are having a joint birthday, and they've booked a venue of sorts and want me to play, so i need some good party songs, but here's the catch, the other members I've been able to cobble together for the event are novice musicians, so i need some good party songs, that are easy for bassists and drummers.

sorry if this is a bit too much WALL OF TEXT any help is appreciated
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Songs that everyone knows, like Blink 182 - Rock Show, Stereophonics - Dakota, Kings Of Leon - Sex On Fire and all that jizz. There's a pub/club i go to most weeks that has a live band, they play all this stuff and it's pretty popular with the crowd.

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tbh I reckon just look at the top 100 tabs and hit up the common bands with nothing too "out there"

If i were you though I'd play the classics