Hello! I have been a member for a while, but have only just really started to get myself into a good routine of posting up my new music, sorting out my band profiles and generally getting in order. But after spending an hour doing all of that... I come to realise...

This site is ****ING awesome.

Didn't know where to post it. But the site creator/s have really hit the nail on the head with bringing musicians together. I have already found new bands to listen to, and excellent inspiration to keep making some of my own.

So, hello all you new people!
I love this site too. That why i'm here.
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Agreed! I used to just look up tabs, but now I'm doing so much more.

Articles, columns, forums, lessons, tabs... the list goes on. This site really is the ultimate guitar website!

This is probably the best forum for any guitarist out there. Technique, gear, mods, effect, ect. Everything you could ever want to know, and people so willing to help.
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I friend-ed you.
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You could probably stop by with zappp and thank him, but he probably gets sick of that after a while.
Well I'm glad that you're here because you actually like this site. But it would be silly if you didn't like us, and you were still here.
I'm gonna send you a friend request.
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