Yeay, 3rd one in a month!

Came in this box:

with an original esp case inside ;p i now got two of them

And inside an absolutely stunning beautiful Vintage White Eclipse II.

I spent 10 minutes looking over every single inch on it and couldnt find a mark or a ding. It even came with esp fretboard protector. besides, vintage white is discontinued color, that should make it even more rare I believe.

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made in 2006

now look at those 2!

emg 81 in bridge and emg 60 in neck, standard combo, great lead tone and no noise whatsoever, though i didn't play it long enough yet to give a proper review, but I can tell straight away that I very much prefer evolutions that I've got in black eclipse. Passive pickups all the way, they just sound more fair i think
feel wise, ESp standards seem to be very consistent and both black and white eclipses feel pretty much same, with the exception that white one is lighter o.O and I can't really explain why but it really is a bit lighter than the black one. But overall, it is quite heavy, gives great sustain, body/neck balance is very good, unlike the SG where neck kinda overweights the body making it uncomfortable when playing standing up.
22 frets, ebony fretboard, very low action, it's so easy to play it..

anyway gonna go and play it all night
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Jealous much.

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2 of them??!?!?!?!?

I hate you!!!!
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that is fucking hot
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where did you find that?

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Very cool, love the pointed tip at the cut away.
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Damn dude hngd but dont leave that schecter behind, its a good guitar, and stop buying so many new guitars, there wont be many left
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thanks it's just ebay camping

to the ebay camping!

HNGD I swear you had your last NGD thread not even a month ago lol.
Holycow! How the hell did you get that for just £500?!

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got lucky, was the only one bidder ;D

siverstorm, yea it's the 3rd one this month!

more pics outside without flash:

white + gold =

i dont need any more guitars but if i saw one of those for $500 i too would jump right on that! thats cool you've got two of them! ive always liked the vintage black but i think i like the white one just a little better!

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