Hey guys. I have recently joined a band and were gonna be performing some songs soon (i say soon but it's like a couple of months lol) and i was looking for a cheap, reliable guitar with umbuckers and as i was serching through ebay i found this:

What do you guys think? Also, i live in aus and if you know any other decent guitars with a humbucker/s that are cheap please tell me.
for that cheap i cant really imagine it being too great, im not sure whether they sell tanglewoods in australia but their tse 505 are pretty good for the price albeit they are a bit more expensive than that guitar. you could searching for a used guitar, ibanez, jackson etc.
as for the guitar off ebay i had a friend that bought a really cheap giutar off their and it literally fell apart 3 week after having it so i would pass unless you can try it out first.
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nay, find a used jackson or esp(ltd). Avoid bridges with whammy bars, get a fixed bridge. Cheap guitars with whammy bars are typically pretty bad.
nay nay nay. Save up and get a PRS.
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It's not given you any spec which is a cause for worry - that said it's also cheap. If you buy it at that price there's nothing to stop you selling it on for a pretty similar price given it looks sexy as!

EDIT: it has given you some spec. Also - is it made out of wood or something different? it doesn't actually say...
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its made of basswood, i think somewere on there site is says all there stuff is made of basswood.

Also, there arent any tanglewood dealers in aus i dont think so anyway.