I'm going to buy a new guitar and I don't know which one to choose.. I want a gibson sg special faded worn cherry or a fender standard stratocaster HSS (lake placid blue maple). and the second thing is what kind of amp should I choose? a marshall or Fender. I want one around 300 euro's or maybe a little bit more ( so that will be like 360 in dollars or something).
I hope you guys can give me some good advice

Well, tell us what kind of thing you want to play. The general rule is that you'd use a Marshall amp for dirtier stuff and a Fender amp for cleaner stuff.
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I want to play al kinds of stuff :P But especially rock, punk, (maybe) metal.. I want to play for example blink 182, greenday and maybe stuff like AC/DC and other old stuff too.. and I know blink or plus 44 is totally different from AC/DC, Guns&Roses or Rolling stones.. But these are like the two ends of all I want to play:P I think you can call this more like the dirtier stuff or not?
you shouldnt tie yourself to those "known" brands without knowing anything about them
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What does that suppose to mean and especially what can I do with a answer like that Beffy?:P
Let's say it a different way.. I just want to be able to play allot of stuff on my guitar/amp but especially Punk rock
Go for the marshall..
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Isn't so that a Fender amp is better with a Fender guiar? or will the Marshall still kick the fenders amp ass?
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