I cant be entirely sure, but the design looks like a Burn's guitar. This may give you a starting point
Couldn't make those images any bigger could you...? It's a good job they're high resolution so i can make out the camera shake properly... /sarcasm

How's it sound?

EDIT: looks like a hofner style headstock, added to the Burns style "split" pickguard i'd say what you have here is a brandless copy. Value = limited, playability and sound =?
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that looks exactly like the guitar that my school found in the music block's instrument room and decided that because no-one picked it up after 3 weeks that they could just spray-paint it gold and use it in the gay school musical, this is all true and it really p*ssed me off
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Looks like what Ive heard referred too as old "JapCrap"

which means an old japenese bass/guitar from 60's-80's when hundreds were churned out so people could buy affordable instruments, back then you could get away with more too, like totally ripping off the looks of better guitars, this one reminds of an old 60's Commodore or something, and the headstock used to have just cheap metal writing on with the brand,whioch has probably been lost to the mysts of time.

Something like that would be my guess, some sound great, some not so, Ive got an old '79 Westone that I love to bits and still kicks it, sort her out,plug her in and play!!
Pretty funky lookin' at any rate = ]
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It looks like an old Univox Hi-Flier or a Univox knock-off (if such a thing exists), but the headstock is wrong. It is clearly Mosrite-influenced, as was the Univox Hi-Flier.
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Pretty funky lookin' = ]

Took the words right out of my mouth.
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