This is the final part to my story a night to remember

“I’m sorry about your home sir, very sorry”
Adam heard every word the man said, but he was blanked out from the world at this point. Nothing existed, nothing. Everything around him was a blur of dark morbid colors; like taking a picture as you shake a camera.
“ Is their anything we can do for you sir?” asked the firefighter. The smoke that was smeared across his cheeks blackened Adam’s face, and his plaid shirt was unbuttoned revealing his chest.
“No, I’ll be okay.”
The man looked at Adam puzzled “Are you sure?” A man who lost his home and his wife could not be okay by any means.
Adam just reassured him, and the conversation was dropped.
He frowned up At his home; it looked like it was smoking a huge cigar; smoke flared out of every window, and he could hear it’s screams of pain. Fire was shooting from the roof, and the firefighters would be fighting this fire for hours.
“Everything is gone, everything; my bed, my TV, the picture of my---“. Adam’s train of thought suddenly froze “The picture of my wife is in there!” he said to himself concerned.
Adam waited until know one was looking, and then made a mad dash back into his home.
He flung the door open, and slammed it shut behind him; Adam’s eyes hectically gazed around the room. He was in the kitchen; dirty dishes were on the floor, and in the sink.
When Adam started to walk toward the next room the oven exploded; bursting fire at him. He was knocked down on his butt. Adam’s shirt was now caught on fire, and he wiggled it off, and then got up. He began to thump on the shirt with his foot until smoke hazed from it.
Adam left his shirt on the floor, and continued to the next room.
He slowly walked toward the door; Smoke was leaking from under the door, and Adam knew the handle would probably be hot so he closed his eyes, and quickly latched his hand onto the handle. A jolt of pain echoed from his palm, and up his wrist. As he jerked the door open a mixture of smoke, and flames blared onto him.
Adam covered his eyes as he began to cough roughly. When he removed his hand from his eyes all he could see was dark black smoke; like a monster that engulfed his entire house.
“ I want my Damn picture back! You hear me!” screamed Adam at the smoke demon ‘I’m going to get it even if it kills me!” he coughed again, and then prepared to walk into the black fumes.

When Adam stepped into the room an instant wave of heat swarmed onto his face.
He shielded his eyes, and charged through. Adam could hear a loud whistling sound that almost sounded like the high pitch screaming of a witch.
“I want my damn picture!” threatened Adam as he pushed through the dark chalky dust.
Adam began to crawl on the floor toward the picture that was lying on its back a few inches from the wall he slew it at. As Adam crawled toward the picture, glass pricked the palm of his hands; he cringed in pain. Sweat was leaking down Adam’s face, and his mouth was locked in an intense grin. The Dark smoke seemed to be wrapped around his neck as he struggled for breath. The heat was burning his eyes into a blind blur, but Adam still proceeded on. He needed this picture, it was all he had from his only love; from his wife that was shot, and killed.
Adam finally made his way toward the picture; he grabbed it, ands held it hard against his chest. The fire threatened Adam by striking at him; barely missing his face.
“It’s to late, I got it you bastard!” Adam laughed almost in a crazy tone.
He looked at the picture, and then up at the demon smoke that painted the entire room with black acid “You will never take her away again!”
Adam could not see a thing; the heat of the fire made his eyes into a squint, and the smoke also made it painful to keep his eyes open.
When Adam decided it was time to leave the room, he noticed how weak he had became. His head was getting woozy, and he could not think straight. That was when Adam noticed how bad his hands were bleeding. Blood was oozing thickly out of the palms of his hands.
Adam commenced to panic “I got to get out of this place or I’m a goner”, Smoke ashed out of his mouth as he coughed yet again.
This was when Adam got his first taste of reality; when he came into contact of what he had just done. He listened to the hissing of the fire demon, and the crackling laughter it insulted him with.
Adam Pushed himself against the wall as far from the flames as he could get; holding the picture against his heart. Their was know escape, even Adam knew this. The fire was too intense for even the firefighters to kill it; they could barely wound the bastard. Adam closed his eyes, and a tear sparkled down one of his eyes, “I’ll see you soon darling, very soon.”
As Adam’s conciseness proceeded to wither, he thought about the last day he spent with his wife. The white dress she wore that gleamed with passion; the warmth her body gave off when he held her tight against him.
That was the last time Adam had ever smiled; the very last time at least until now. As tears of joy splashed onto Adam’s face he smiled with pure happiness. “I’ll finally be where I belong” Adam whispered to himself.
The last thing Adam heard was the cackling laughter of the demon, as the smoke consumed his eyes, and he passed out.


The flames swarmed over Adam like a tribe of hungry cannibals. It ate at his flesh, and formed black chunks onto Adams skin. His hair began to Burn, leaving red, yellow, and black scars onto his decaying skull. Adam laid their still unconscious as the fire ate him alive.
This feast only lasted 10 minutes before all that was left of Adam was a black-crisped corpse.
Adam did not fill a thing the entire time; he was at the dance with his wife.
He held one of her hands, and the other on her side as they waltzed on the dance floor. She smiled at him as he grinned back at her; it was the perfect night. It was a night to remember….
Alexis Divine

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