I want a Fender Standard Stratocaster HSS Lake Placid Blue Rosewood.
But what kind of amp should I buy?? I want an amp that's just over 300 euro's or something (like 360 dollar I think) but should I buy a fender amp too?? isn't that the best combination or doesn't it matter? xD I want to play escpecially punk rock and I want to play hard stuff (but not like metal I think) So what would you say? please help me!
Look into a peavey vypyr 30 or roland cube 30
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definately take a pass on the fenders at that price...

it really depends on what you play and what sort of tones you favour. im certainly in favour of the above suggestion of a marshall class 5. they give you a solid crunch and just sound really good all around. that being said, they are somewhat of a one-trick pony; they do one thing very well, and do little else

conversely, a modeling amp (im partial to the vox VT series, but the peavey vyper is good too, NO SPYDERS!!!) will do many things adequately, but very few of them particularily well.

go to a shop and play around a little (WITH A GUITAR LIKE YOURS!!!) and see what appeals to you more. there are plenty of different routes to take in your price range and few of them (save for the line-6 spyders) are truly bad