OK atm i got 2 guys that want to sell me an amp.

JCM 800 Lead Combo

Condition = Used

Price = € 400,- aka $ 502.24 or 347.76 pound

JCM 2000 DSL 401

Condition = 6 months old so nearly new

Price = € 500,- aka $ 627,80 or 434,70 pound

I want overall good amp so cleans rhytm and lead tone are important to me.

Please dont give straight answers but give me an reason why i should pick the one your suggesting.
You should try playing through them both and seeing which one gives you the better tone. Tone is so subjective, and different people prefer different tones. When it comes down to it, this is going to be YOUR tone, so you should be happy with it. Try them both out and see which you'd prefer.

Personally, I prefer separate heads and cabs (I'd love to buy a JCM TSL!!!!). If it were between these too, I'd take the JCM 800 because I prefer having more speakers. But again, your tone, your call.
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The DSL401 is pretty meh. The speakers isn't that great and the power section is a bit unusual to say the least. It's an okay alrounder, just not very impressive.

The 800 is "the" modern rock amp. It might be a bit uninteresting for cleans (it can do cleans, it's just that other amps do them better), but the distortion is top notch. It can cover stuff from blues-rock to metal (with a boost). If someone offered me an 800 for 400€, I wouldn't think twice.