Hey I just purchased a Dunlop KH Crybaby (my first wah pedal ever) and noticed that on the gears (that moves the pedal up and down) there is like a white lotion (i assume for lubricating the joints) all over it. My question is is this normal? should it be removed before using?
ok, what happens when/if it starts to wear off? is there 'wah pedal' replacement grease or something? does it harm the wah if it wears off ?
It shouldn't wear off unless you mess with it. My Teese is 9 years old and it still has the original grease.
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dude, its grease.. it doesnt really wear off unless u take it off... the idea of it is it sticks to the components always unless u go out of your way 2 remove it. would only begin to wear off years and years down the line
its just white grease you can get more at any hardware store
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