Awesome new guitar off my parents for my 21st birthday....

Review time

I only got this today (man it was hard to stay at work), but so far I have to say it's bloody awesome. The frets are all easy access, a nice size, and the action is awesome. It was built on the 13 of March in the USA, and if noone has played it since then then it's done pretty well (come across the Atlantic and only the low e was detuned).

The tone is amazing- I ran it through some metal settings on the bridge pickup and it sounded fantastic, it has a great crunch and bite, with some great mahogany warmth. The neck pickup is where I love it more, roll off the tone as I so often do and it's so creamy it's painful- little rock licks and cheeky melodic solos sound fantastic.

The looks are brilliant- one tiny nick on the back where the neck joins the body is the only flaw I could find. The colour is god-tier, and the knobs just look badass.

Sorry if this seems like I'm in love with it, but that's because I am.

: )
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HNGD I love these things,

though you need to add a review or clips to keep this open mate

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Wha- That is so awesome! HNGD!

Clipz or reviewz or this thread might get closed...

Regardless, sick new guitar dude, congrats!
I'll get a review in soon, I need to go and fetch my dad from the pub first (-___-)

Thanks chaps
Never been a fan of explorers tbh. But man... That looks amazing. HNGD and take good care of that baby =D
Yes! Explorers are the stuff!
ebony fretboard is a very nice touch!
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