The guitar I just got has an original floyd rose tremelo on it, and it sounds great and I got it tuned/set up perfectly after some trial and error. But I noticed that since i am so used to a fixed bridge, that my wrist keeps wanting to rest on the trem itself, thus pushing it down a little causing the strings to bend, and making it harder to play (particularly rapid alternate picking). I am sure its something just to get used to, but can someone give me an idea of how I should be positioning my hand with this?
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rest your wrist on the trem, not the trem arm...hold the arm, but don't press down on it

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Quote by ChucklesMginty
Move your picking hand to the left so it rests on the strings.

ah it is you , also, yes this is the way to do it
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Quote by ChucklesMginty
Move your picking hand to the left so it rests on the strings.

Yeah do this, I had the same problem resting my hand on the trem when I started using one. I ended out moving away from it natrually for some reason, dont ask, over time.
So yeah, play alot on it, then you'll end out getting used to the feel.
You can rest your hand on the bridge you just have to have a very light touch.

I too had the same problem, but after a while you will get used to it.

Now when I play trem less guitars they feel so awkward to me.
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I haven't found much of a difference at all; the only thing I had to get used to was the fact that the actual string height over the body is a lot lower on my Ibanez than on my LTD, which has a string through TOM design.

However, my Ibanez has always been set up pretty stiff, with thick strings. I don't know how prone it is to detuning while resting your hand when you have a lighter set on there. Make sure you get a lot of playtime before you invest in one, and make sure it's something you'd use.