Hey GG&A. My footswitch isn't working.

Story time: I was jamming out in my garage making sure everything on my ValveKing 112 was in working order as I usually do before I go to work during the weekend. EQ'd my clean channel and was good to go. I went to switch to the dirty channel and nothing happened. I made sure everything that needed to be pushed in was and, truth be told, they all were. I switched to the dirty channel via the button on the amp then I stepped on the boost switch and it was just fine. I have to get to work here in about an hour so I'll have a look at whatever you have to say tomorrow morning.

tl;dr: Two button footswitch doesn't work. Channel switching button doesn't work, boost button does. Don't know what's wrong.
check to see if the cable is broken, that may be the case. The cable would be cheaper to replace than the switch.
A wire inside the switch could've come loose. When I got my Mesa the solo button on the footswitch didn't work. When I opened it up, a wire had come loose. I re-soldered it and now it works perfectly. It could be that the actual switch, for channel changing, has broken. So you need to open it up and see if you can see any loose wires. If you don't then it's probably the switch that's bad.

Here's a pic of my footswitch. I know it looks bad in this pic, but I fixed the wiring and now it looks good and works perfectly.
You have to have it set on the lead channel on the amp to change channels using the footswitch. It took me like 3 days to figure that out..