Hello everyone,

I just want to let people know that I have now released my music for download. I have 2 albums available,-

The CyberSlunk Funk & Soul Reaper

If you want to check my music out please visit http://cyberslunk.bandcamp.com/ the songs at their best quality here and are available for download individually or as albums.

I released both on the same day, the songs for The CyberSlunk Funk were written and recorded between Aug 2008 and Nov 2009, the songs for Soul Reaper were written and recorded between Nov 2009 and early May 2010.
My main influence for my work has been Buckethead, the guys a musical genius and I have been searching out his back catalouge of albums since I discovered him in 2008 thanks to You Tube and have listened to virtually nothing else since. His work has shown me how powerful and emotional instrumental guitar music can be and that you don't need vocals to have make an truly amazing album. The albums each has a song for Buckethead to say thanks for the inspiration and enjoyment his music has brought me.