I currently have a Peavey Classic 30, and was thinking about getting rid of it as i would like to get into more van halen stuff, and get a 6505. Buuut, I was then considering a SS amp. Id like to do more metallica/vanhalen/acdc kinda stuff. So is there an SS amp that I can get that will do well with this, or should I just stick with the 6505.
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get a carvin legacy or mts, great cleans and ripping lead tone should cover everything with the help of a couple pedals
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I'm curious why you want a solid state. Is it to save money?

Also, +1 on Carvin. Their V3 amps are great too.
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Why solid state?
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theres a few good SS amps, the flextone II series from line 6 wasnt half bad, im not saying your going to get the end all of tones, but its not bad especially since i bought it used for $150 with a floor board, i also really like the gibson L5 amps, ty tabor made famous, though he used other things in his arsenal that was the basis of the earley kings x sound, i dont actually mind SS amps, alot of people here will blast them, but they do offer a few key tonal aspects tube amps cant, amazing harmonic response as well as a more flattened eq sound across the board
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I keep an old AWARD:Session for cleans, it absolutely sparkles paired with a strat and sounds better than any tube amp ive ever played in shops (lots...).

Can't really think why you'd want a similar SS for the styles you suggested though...
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Why won't the Classic 30 work for you?...

Its nowhere near as heavy as I need it to be for Metallica or Van Halen, even with an OD. I would like an SS because I don't need to deal with tubes with two amps.
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Is this problem volume-related, or are you just looking for crazy solid-state gain like Dimebag used?
Look at an older Peavey Bandit or possibly a Crate GX65C.
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Despite the 5150 being affiliated with EVH, I wouldn't touch it with a 100 ft pole for the Van Halen sound.

Also, shameless Flextone plug.
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I say Vypyr Tube 60. I also second the Flextone.
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I picked up a used vypyr 75 watt model for 200usd even two weeks ago for a different purpose but the same reason as the TS. I have three tube amps and I just don't feel like having another to periodically maintenance.
With that said a vypyr 75 or 30 would do all the sounds you want just fine. Cleans leave something to be desired in my opinion but it does a good job modeling medium to high gain amps and it actually sound pretty damn good.
Though judging by the fact that it's XXX mode sounds nothing like my XXX I'm going to hazard a guess and say it's other clones don't sound much like the originals either except in the most general descriptions.