I've been playing electric guitar for nearly 2 years.
I play mostly Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits songs, but for those of you who knows Mark Knopfler, you'll know he has a special picking technique: "Clawhammer".

For those who don't know what it is, it is the picking technique banjo playes use, and it use mostly downpickings with your fingers.

I've never learnt to play clawhammer picking, so i just picked with regular fingerstyle.
But recently i have decided to learn clawhammer picking, but i've encountered a few problems.

All online lessons i found, only learnt me the Bum-Diddy, but where do i go from there?
Do you only use the thump and index finger?
And what about pices like the intro to Romeo and Juliet, can i play that in clawhammer, or is it good ol fashioned fingerstyle?

I hope someone who masters this technique can learn me these things.
Mark Knopfler uses only thumb and index finger andhe's doing a lot of hammer-on and pull off, but this is only when he's playing solo.

His rhythmic parts are also done without a pick, but he uses more fingers.

I'd try the old fashioned fingerpicking in romeo and juliet