I was wondering if anyone could provide links/advice into different muting techniques for preventing unwanted noise.

my current issue is this: as volume increases, it amplifies the sounds that i am not able to completely mute out. when i switch strings i am getting a very very light pull off noise(its as if the string is sticking to my finger as i change/get off the string)

i understand that if you play on a string, it could cause the others to ring out(especially the bass side/wound strings) and i keep the bottom corner of my palm muting those as i play on the higher strings.

is it normal to keep my finger(fretting hand) on the string as i transition to another string to prevent noise? is there a way to have more precise muting control with my strumming hand?

use your phumb and palm of your right hand to mute the lower strings (thicker ones) and then use your fingers of your left hand to mute the higher strings

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Check this lesson:


I use the muting technique explained here with great results.

Thanks for the link! i started using this technique already but i find that i can't control the noise on the upper strings as the speed increases. i have lick thats like this:

  S  S S  S S  S S  S S  S S  S     S  S S  S  S  S S  S S  S S  S    S  S S  S S  S S  S S  S S  S  

when i get off the 9th fret on the D string, when the finger lifts off the 9th, it always sounds off. this passage is played pretty quickly so im not able to use my current skill in muting to cover the 9th fret without also mute out the G string notes(palm lacks accuracy).

I was wondering if there is anything more to try

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this has a huge amount of stuff on correct muting and other stuff


thanks! this is the technique i used from the beginning. best article i have found on the net