Hey guys, I'm buying a set of SD Quater pounders and a Badass III soon for my 09' Fender American Standard P Bass.

I'm having a techie at my local music shop install the gear for me, but I'm just wondering - Is there anything I should be careful about once it's been modded?

Not that I've had any bad experiences, I just wanna be sure cos I love my bass to pieces

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Nah, those are great upgrades. You could quite easily do them both yourself if you wanted to, unless you're really nervous.
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only thing about the bridge is you need a tech to file the slots in the saddles. the pickup swap is not very technical it requires soldering if your confident in your soldering abilities then you can do the pickups your self.
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I put that pickup in my MIJ Fender P and LOVED it, I replaced EMG actives with it
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