hey guys i was just wondering on wat pick ups should i get for my guitar. i have a Godin Detour. i like to play anything from classic rock (led zepp, ac/dc, beatles etc.) to hard rock (bon jovi, april wine, triumph etc.) i really dont care about the price, but i would go for anythin around $50 to $150.

thanks for ur suggestion.
try irongear, super cheap, super kool, and super amazing. i prefer them to dimarzio etc, have a look on their site and check their sound clips, theres pickups for all sorts of music. i just installed some in my wahsburn and omg they are good lol. check em out
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hummbuckers are fantastic if your going heavy
but for classic rock i would recomend 3 single coils
As far as i know the Detour has humbuckers in it. If you'd like something like a PAF or p90 you should take a look at the Seymour Duncan '59 or Dimarzio Bluesbucker. For higher output you should try the Seymour duncan JB or Dimarzio Tone zone. I'd consider taking a look at PRS pickups as well, they make really good stuff.
Buy rockfield SWC, right now I'd say they were the best Pickup company in the market every single thing they make is godlike