Hi. I'm a new member but have been using 911tabs for quite a few years. Appearently I put this thread in the wrong section so I just copied it here.

Something I always found strange was that this CD from Explorers club with John Petrucci, James Murphy and others has not been transcribed yet except for the first song called Faith speaks.
Funny, as I thought basically everything made by Petrucci is highly appreciated.
I figured out quite a lot of the second song called Fading fast which I really like. But I'm just an amateur and Don't get it completely right.

I really hope some of the more talented people here would raise the glove and try to transcribe it. I would really love to play this song.

Gil, a louzy but happy amateur guitar player...
I see that about a hundred people read my thread but no comment. Does it mean no one thinks this song is worth transcribing?
Would be fun to hear if there's anyone else who likes this song but me.
If anyone here has decided to make a tab of it, I would really appreciate if you put a comment about it.