These are all quite poor amps, the best of the 4 i think is the H&K, but really i doubt they'll be a huge step up from whatever you are currently using really
Well I'm looking for something to play metal or rock.
Maybe you can suggest me some, but I don't really know about amps and if you can suggest me some I would thank you.
Now I own a Roland Micro cube.

And budget arround 200€ as much
The best you can get for metal with 200€ is probably a Peavey Vypyr 30:

But it's not that much better than your Microcube. It's just bigger. So unless you desperately need the extra volume, I'd advise you to save up a bit more. The really interesting stuff starts around 300€, where for example the Bugera V22 or used Line6 Flextones become available.

I don't think the improvement in tone you'd get with any amp within 200€ would justify the expense. You might be able to find a used Peavey Classic 20 around 200€... but they're so rare it's basically hopeless.
The Vypyr is a nice one, but 30 watts isn't even that much of a bigger step above the Microcube in terms of power. It's not like it's enough power to play with most bands. And like QuailMan said, it's not a significantly better amp than your Microcube.

Always try to make your purchases steps forward, rather than sidesteps. I would even say to just save up a bit more.