Here's some fresh new finished pics and videos of my new amp.
The sawdust from drilling the chassis bolt holes is still in the corners!!

Here's my new pedal board. The MXR and Carbon Copy are in the loop during the videos below.

This first one is using my strat and messing with the clean and dirty channel settings

This one is the heavies using my EMG loaded RG, again messing with the OD settings on the dirty channel. I also using the feedback modes towards the end. The CC and MXR make appearance throughout both videos.

From anyone who wants to see the design and build phases here's a link https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1309603&highlight=paolojm+design
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Had the amp at the rehearsal room the other night. For the first time I've gotten to play it at volume. :dude:
Bit of an amp fest. It was up against a 5150, JCM800, JCM800KK and an ENGL Powerball. God damn, my ears are stil ringing.

It held it's own too.
The JCM800 may have beat it for punch, but it had the rest of the amps punchwise even though it's only 50 Watts. I suspect it would catch the 800 if it was 100 Watts. On a side note the KK 800 didn't punch as much as I was hoping.
Gain-wise it was there with the 5150, but not quite as much as the Powerball on the lead channel. That amount of gain is unuseable anyway so I'm not fretting over that. Took a boost pedal like a champ.
The Powerball had it for huge low end under massiive gain while staying tight, a pretty tough category!!, but it stayed with the 5150 and JCM800KK. The normal 800 doesn't really have that "big bottom" tone. Again I suspect if it was 100 Watts it would run close to the Powerball. It was bordering muddy with a bass maxed and some resosnace using the G12T-75 loaded cab, but a V30 loaded cab sorted that out. The Dual Recs are a bit like that too. I'd never play with that amount low end anyway but I want the amp to be able to do it.
The midz were there like a kick in the bollox. Really had that grindy 800/5150 f*ck you midz to it.
The top was aggressive and screamed, but not harshly, and it rang out into a lovely feedback.
The loop sounded great with MXR and Carbon Copy. With the MXR set right it copped a real convincing Mark IV type tone.
It had each of the amps for clean tones, though none of those amps are famous for cleans anyway.
Everything functioned correctly and switching was completely pop free, even at huge volume.

In short, I'm delighted.

Oh, and it didn't go on fire!! :p

Will post more properly recorded clips later in the week.