...and I have no idea how to wire this thing. I've been trying to figure out the wiring for hours to get the following setup as showed on the left bottom side (it's HSH and I've got to mod my pickups to be 3 instead of 2 conductor, which should be easy when I looked at them *snip*):

Why I have no clue how to get at that wiring is, because it seems as if the switch I got (second hand from a store near me, model number on PCB: 105-2S) is different from the one shown in this tutorial (model number: 105S). When I checked, where which legs of the switch are connected, it made exactly no sense compared to the table how I'm supposed to wire it.

Here's the list on which legs are connected in what position:
1) 2-7, 4-5
2) 1-4-5, [color="Red"]2[/COLOR]-3-6
3) 1-3, 2-7
4) 1-2-7, 3-4-5
5) 2-6

Is there anyone here who has a Schaller Megaswitch and can comment on what there is to do or what I might have overlooked?


Edit: The red one I hadn't found already. So that's now the signal out giving me the possibility to finally make something useable out of this thing.
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