not my sort of thing, but all that jazz is really popular right now, good luck
I'm like a black Dr. Who, Except I'm white

I only watch porn with names that are puns or have alliteration in the title...
Somehow reminds me of Hannah Montana and this Camp Rock stuff...

Not my cup of tea, but good luck.

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I enjoyed that, also not my style persay, but I think you guys would have a demographic. Plus I mean its probably been said a million times, but your singer is super cute!
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
hahaha glad you guys like it! yeh we are trying to do the whole cross-over commercial pop rock thing. we try and be a bit more edgy though!
Well, this is the kind of pop-punk that I really, really hate.
So really, I don't really have much of a helpful opinion.
Good Luck.
Not to sound mean but I feel like there isn't anything that makes your band unique other than the singer. I dig her tone and vocals a lot, I believe that the instruments need to step it up to help compliment her more.

Also, the quality of the recordings are great!

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is too young to be versed in such grown up ways...

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