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5 10%
23 46%
1 2%
4 8%
17 34%
Voters: 50.
Well at the moment I am planning on building one with a HH configuration (allows me to install single coils in the routes if I plan on it in the future).

For my ol' kick around guitar (Washburn X10), I'm planning on filling the middle coil and making it a H-S
I switched to HSS, and it's my favorite combination by far. Which doesn't mean I find other configs obsolete: combining a bridge and neck humbucker gives me some unique sounds as well, so now I have 2 main guitars...

If I could have only 1 guitar I'd probably have it sport a humbucker in the bridge position, a single coil in the middle one and a humbucker in the neck position WITH a genuine single coil pup right after that (preferably one with the Musicman hum cancelling circuit wired to it). Hell, I would even sacrifice a few frets if necessary to add that extra single coil...

EDIT: wowzer, check out that poll. Lotsa Ibanez users I presume???

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HH for me

not a fan of single coils, though that will probably change as my playing style does.

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Myself, i'm a fan of HSH, like on most Ibanez RG guitars, it was originally HH, but now i'm obsessed with HSH
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EDIT: wowzer, check out that poll. Lotsa Ibanez users I presume???

haha yea, the only company i can think of that has HSH
Well i like having access to the neck humbucker, and having a single coil in the middle, and bridge humbucker for my metal style
Custom made guitar with HSH, or my other guitar, Epiphone LP Prophecy GX (the one with the dirty fingers hBs and coil tap).

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SS! Not on the poll, but it should be. I have no need for 3 pickups, or any humbuckers.
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I voted HH, but that's not entirely accurate... HH with coil taps is my favorite, to be specific.
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I usually like having two humbuckers, since I prefer the "thicker" tone that comes from them.
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