Got this KVX10 on Wednesday. So far a great guitar, killer looks and plays and sounds nice, although I bet some new pickups would do a lot for it. Excuse the bad pics, they're from a cellphone, and my dog also, he wouldn't go away.

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HNGD! Looks pretty
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THANK you. I love you forever.

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Why are you researching for Christmas? It's only Ma- HOLY CRAP WHERE'S 2009 GONE!?!?!?

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You're right, that is weird. You win.
Not trying to be a douche or anything but if you already have three lets say "reasonably priced" guitar, why would you buy another one?
Lol, I was thinking "Wow this guys yard reminds me of my uncles house in Kansas" and I looked at the location.

HNGD btw.
King V's are win all they way around. Metal looking guitars.

Jackamedos: It's cool. The third Kona is actually a guitar I tend to not use all that much, as it's kind of hard to play on. I had the money for it (the guitar was about half-priced) and it was a good deal, and I wanted a V with a Floyd, also just to have another Floyd guitar should something happen to the other, such as during gigs or anything. I didn't need it, I'll admit, but I figured, hey, why not?
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The dog is smelling the win of Jackson, that's why he wouldn't move.
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Do I see a small guitar or really big dog? :p
Gratz on your new guitar!

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