So I started to write this as just a poppy song, but one day I started fooling around with my real guitar and started doing some epic soloing along to the basic (and painfully repetitive) chord structure and got this.

I haven't done to much to it besides putting the solo on here. Its not refined and the rhythm guitar is horribly boring when the power chords kick in. Just wanted to know what the UG community thought of the solo so far.

(I really dont know where its going to go from here, there isnt much direction to it.)

I just thought it was cool, yo.
Fall of immortals.zip
Pretty good, I was impressed. You should find a way to record it with a real guitar and full out backing tracks... you're on the right track to writing a pretty killer song. Nice work so far.
sounds like it could turn into some sort of prog/power metal ballad
power chords in technical music is not illegal
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Haha yeah. I just think it starts to get boring after about 80 times, but when they first kick in its good.

Thanks for the comments, I wont be able to add anymore tonight seeing I dont have my guitar with me so I will be working on refining it I suppose.