I've been thinking lately that maybe I should not release a demo or EP. I don't really see what purpose it will serve. Money is not the problem it's just the fact I don't think anyone will really listen to it or like it. Why do you guys release your music?
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The whole point of making music is to make something that YOU like. It doesn't matter if other people like it or not (at least it shouldn't). Some people like getting critiqued on it, find out how they could make it better. I record so I could have a hard copy of it, so I could add to it and if I stop playing it for awhile, I can recall the recording and remember it.
^ Well maybe recording it is not the main focus I'm talking about I'm really talking about releasing. I should change the title. Yes I do make music that I like. If I get critiqued it wouldn't mean anything to me because that would just be someone else's opinion on my music. Their opinions wouldn't matter to me.

If I were to make an album then sell it on itunes how would anyone find out about it? I'm new to this new era of everything musical being online. Have you ever done it?
These day's, it's CDs to promote, live shows for cash. And if your music is good, people will pay to see you.

But don't write for money. Write for yourself. Just make sure you don't write trash.

Also, recording also helps you find mistakes in your technique. And you can't just ignore people's opinions. Sometimes on this site, there's actually some really experienced musicians. When they give advice, it really shouldn't fall upon deaf ears, but be taken with a grain of salt.
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i'm an older guy and past my prime for being a rockstar. . recording gives me something to play for and making music is why i started to play to begin with. i post my stuff here and other places so people can hear my music. some like it and some don't which is fine. there is no better feeling thanhearing someone say they like your song. with the internet you can spread your music all over the world. i love to add countries to my list of places where someone has heard my music. you can't go into it with the idea that no one will like it as that is self defeating.
i dont really release my music, but i share it with my friends and family.

i like to listen to my own music too. its always cool to record songs and then look back at them years down the road and think "oh hey, this is where i was as a person and a musician at that point in time". its like a piece of my history thats stored sonically

its all for fun and for the sake of sharing a part of who i am with somebody else in a way that can be stored and revisited, and if my music can bring somebody a moment of happiness or even just a smile, thats really cool.
Well me personally, I have written some songs which have a lot of different instrumental tracks, all played by me. So first off, it's not really possible for me to hear the completed song without recording each separate track. I have these ideas in my head, and I can hear how I want it to sound, but still I'd like to record so others can hear it exactly how I hear it in my head. Also, even if you don't play all the instruments of a song, sometimes you want to hear the song from the audience's perspective. I would like to know how the complete song sounds when the audience is listening because I would strive to make the song sound the best for the audience. I imagine other musicians here have similar thoughts. I write for myself, but it is very important to me that the audience hears the song how I intended it to be (: