I just want to ask, is it really possible to keep a Fender American Stratocaster Tremolo fully in tune?
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Of course!

Does that really work?
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Does that really work?

Not perfectly, but I string my Schecter like that and haul it into college every day in a gigbag, in Scotland, and it's normally still in tune when i get there
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It's possible to make any decent trem stay in tune. I recently acquired one of the Squier Pro Tone Stratocasters. After pretty heavy wanking the guitar stays pretty well in tune, except for my low E getting tuned slightly sharp. That's off a pretty decent trem, people knock it cause it's squier but I think it plays better than most MIM's and some MIA's.

Just get the guitar set up right.
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Try locking tuners, Fender Silver Bullet strings with the bullet-shaped ball ends and use a few drops of Big Bends Nut Sauce to grease the nut and it should do very well.
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My American strat is perfect.

Either replace it with a two-point, make it float using the outside two screws, or use five trem springs and make it flush with the body.
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