i use 9 guage strings and most guitarists i know uses 10s or 11s

people say i use bitch strings lol

how would you reply to that ?
I would call their mother a ninny.

No, really, who cares what strings you use? If you like them, then that's that.

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im not very good with that harmonic thing. i get them to match perfectly then i play a chord and it sounds like hellen keller singing

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I'd say they need to get over themselves. Everyone will have a different preference for string gauges. How are 9's "Bitch" strings, in any sense? So every professional musician that uses, or has used, 9's on their guitars now use "Bitch" strings?

Congratulation. This story is happy end.
they are easier to play with, but they have a way different sound than heavier gauges.
i've used 9s, 10s, and 11s, i just happen to have tried some 9

id say my tone relates to the smaller gauge.
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thank you very much, Seaweed
I would say your tone is the size of your penis, tiny.

then try and persuade you to use 14+ gauges strings (14 and higher) because i do.

getting you playing on 13s would be a constellation prize

im a "Dead" gauge fanatic, get over it
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Tell them oh well, it's string gauge, who cares? Whatever you like is all that matters.
And 9's come standard on most guitars anyway, so I doubt they're "bitch" strings.
Tell them your not compensating for anything, then proceed to play a sexy riff.