Who is Your Favorite Vocalist, and why?

Mine is Brad Arnold from 3 doors down because he really does justice to his southern accent, by singing the type of music that he does, rather than country music.
It's hard for me to pick a single guy since there are four vocalists that have been equally influential to me, but I'll describe one: Jesse Hasek from 10 Years. There's a certain emotion/vibe that he really puts into his music, and really balances between the powerful singing and the subtle, quieter-yet-still-cryptic vocals. Mainly I think he has an awesome vocal range and uses some great melodies, and is probably the most underrated vocalist in alt-metal nowadays. It's a tie between Jesse Hasek, Pete Loeffler (Chevelle), Layne Staley (Alice in Chains), and Chino Moreno (Deftones).
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There's so many amazing singers, but if I had to choose it'd definatly be Kelly Jones... He's just got a really neat sound that's a little bit different then everyone else
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Dax Riggs because hes vocals are sweet but somewhat haunting

agree with this.
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If I look away from just rock, metal and newer music, I will have to go with Marvin Gaye. Probably gonna get some laughs off that one, but listen to "Just to keep you satisfied" and tell me I'm wrong. He puts so much soul into it, that it's impossible not to feel what he sings.
Runner ups have to be Chico Moreno from Deftones and Team Sleep, Maynard James Keenan from A Perfect Circle and Tool and at last Phil Lynott of course from Thin Lizzy.
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Layne Staleys my favorite but Chris Cornell is prabily one of the best ever. Listen to Hunger strike and tryn sing that...
Layne Staley
Kurt Cobain (I know he isn't really a singer guy, but I like his voice)
Jim Morrison
Matt Heafy
Phil Anselmo
Johnny Cash
Sully Erna is probably my favorite...he's not the best but his voice effects me better than anyone's. Im gonna have to agree strongly with the statement about Chris Cornell a few posts earlier..he wails, especially in his Temple and Soundgarden years.
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