I've been in search of a nice Mesa all tube amp for a long time, and now I found two.

1st: Mesa Roadking 2x12 gen 1 for $1600
2nd: Mesa Mark III 1x12 for $1100
They're both in great condition so thats not a factor, new tubes, no tolex tears. I'd like to grab the Roadking since it has all the tones and features I've been looking for for a long time, but the thing is that it seems too low for a Roadking even if its a gen 1 (gen 2 are $2700 new). It just seems sketchy is all. The Mark III is a fantastic amp, but I've seen heads go for $800 so I don't know if an extra $300 is worth the 1, 12in speaker and the additional weight.

Boiled down: Gen 1 Roadking 2x12 for $1600, good deal or catch?, Mark III 1x12 for $1100, too much for a single 12in? (I think so)
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The Mark III is overpriced, and the Roadking deal looks solid, seeing as most amps lose half their value when used.
The Roadking sounds better IMO too, thats a good price for it. Way overpriced Mark III
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If I were to find a cheaper Mark III, would it be better to grab that instead? I've heard from many people that its a more organic tone and worth not having all the bells and whistles of the Roadster/Roadking Recs.
I know its overpriced but I believe I can grab one for cheaper. I'm leaning more towards the Roadking more and more even though its twice as much as the other Mark III I found. $1100 is definitely too much now that I've done more comparing.
get a roadking. i tried one a few months ago, and OH MY GOD. orgasmic times infinity.

i've tried a mark IV before, didn't like it, so i'd say the same prolly for the mark iii
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