If you change your strings' tuning over five times per day, does that cause too much stress (and thus lead to breakage), even if executed slowly?
Depends. I normally stay in Eb but i've been known to change tunings a ton throughout the day. Also, I haven't had any strings break since I first started playing, so it doesn't hurt them too much.
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it's called fatigue (when you expand then contract metals, and they fail)

Why would you need to change tunings 5 times a day?

uhh only having one guitar, and a very wide array of musical tastes. i play lots of punk and hardcore. i can go from standard, to drop d, back to standard, then E flat, maybe even drop c and drop c sharp standard all in under two hours.

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At the moment I change my tunings all the time, and I've had no problems. I've gone from Eb to Open Eb to GCEGCC (weird, awesome tuning), and a couple of others on the same day, but I imagine I'll be changing this set of strings earlier than normal, for reasons mentioned already.
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Yeah man think of your poor guitar. Going from standard to drop D probably wont do too much to it, but it any further than that and you should be making a few adjustments.
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you may or may not break strings more often. no one can really say because there are too many variables (the way you play, specific strings, how old the strings are, etc etc.)
and i dont see any point in setting up a guitar for C+ when youre going to switch back to drop d or e after practicing a song or two for 20 minutes.

just do what Beckyjc said, and make sure you have spare strings on hand -just in case- yours break due to the tunings.
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there could be some issues, but i wouldn't worry about it.
you could just search craigslist, ebay, or rondo for cheap guitars so you can do like me, and have one guitar for every tuning that you use. for $570 i got 5 guitars. so just look out for good deals. also it'll save you alot of time.
also to answer your question better, if you're going from standard to drop d don't worry about it.
but if you're going from standard to let's say open c, then dadgad, then to ostrich tuning, and back to standard you can expect some damage. hope i helped.
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I just switch between Drop C and D Standard. If I'm playing something meant to be played on Drop D or Standard, I just play it two frets up
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Re-tuning your guitar probably does have an effect on the strings. I once had a string snap on me because I went from Drop C to standard tuning and started bending strings everywhere. Despite that, I still switch tunings VERY often. Some times I feel like playing some As I Lay Dying in Drop C and other times I feel like playing some Gilmour in standard. It hasn't affected my guitar's neck, surprisingly..or maybe I'm just missing the signs
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Yeah unless you are doing some obscene changes, I cant see it having any lasting effect on the strings or guitar.

with my 2 Gretches i've got one set up in standard and one in drop D, mostly because i'm lazy but also because one sounds better with the tone that the drop d songs are.
I regularly change my tuning, sometimes half a dozen to a dozen times a day. It's never had a negative effect on either my guitar or string tuning.
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I think in the short run after a few days of constantly changing a new set of strings, your strings will become use to it and stay in tune pretty well depending how far you tune up/down (this providing they haven't snapped).

In the long run this could weaken the lifespan of the strings because of the constant contraction and relaxation of them, and your guitar could suffer a little bit from having to constantly adjust to the different tensions.
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