I have been playing guitar on and off for about 4 years now. I have decided to make the most of it, go for it, start playing again, and try to get a band started.

I aspire to play Metal/Metalcore (Ala August Burns Red, Killswitch Engage, Metallica) and also be able to pull of some softer stuff like Rise Against and Alter Bridge. I am looking for an amp to handle metal and rock tones.

I just sold my Peavey Valveking 112 due to financial issues (thanks to the now ex girlfriend) as well as it just wasn't producing the sounds I wanted.

I have done some research and have it down to:
Marshall JCM 900 dual reverb
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
Peavey 5150 II or 6505
ENGL Fireball E 365

So the big question is which of the amps I am looking into buying to kick start myself back into playing will best suit me? I am going to buy used with a $1000 limit on the head if that helps.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me!
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august burns red uses a peavey 6505 and 5150 if that helps (i have one, it is perfect)
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i got a splawn nitro wich is what killswitch uses now but its out of ur price range but id say get a 5150 or 6505 and kt88 mod it the kt88's have a much better sound
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is there a big market for the splawn nitro's used? or still out of my range??

and if I go for the 6505 or 5150 whats the story with the kt88 mod? what does it exactly do?

thanks for the help!!
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i got a splawn nitro wich is what killswitch uses now but its out of ur price range but id say get a 5150 or 6505 and kt88 mod it the kt88's have a much better sound

I just want to point out how awesome your amp is. Splawn Nitros are freaking amazing, but really expensive.

I still recommend the 6505 to the other guy, unless he can find a good used Splawn Nitro.
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Out of those, I'd say the Recto (if you can find one within your budget), since both Metallica and Killswitch have used them in the past (to my knowledge, anyways).

The 6505 would nail the higher gain stuff no problem, but Metallica also plays clean in a lot of their songs and that's where it would struggle.
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i really liked the 6505+ combo that just came out, and i don't generally like really heavy metal and that amp's fizzy tone on low volumes, but the combo had no issues and really versatile great tone at low and practice volumes. I would suggest that for a versatile amp in the genres you listed, plus it's only like 600 bucks new.
Dual rec or a bugera 6262.

Peavey 6505 cleans sounds like a goat farting in a fog
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Alter-Bridge uses Dual Recto's too, not sure if they still do but.
Don't get a 6505/5150 if you want any decent clean sound. The Recto's clean is pretty good.
I'd say either the Fireball or Dual Recto (or if you can afford it, the Roadster, much much better cleans then the Dual but similar high gain channels)
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i'd go for the peavey. the mesa is good, but not as user-friendly, and the peavey is cheaper so its not as big of an investment to worry about

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You could potentially wait for the Bugera TriRec.
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Probably the Mesa.
The 900 would do the job but the only thing that would make it more appealing is if you wanted to do some modding. There are LOTS of mod circuits on the net for it. I'm going to start modding mine soon (if I get a chance between all the stuff I keep building). Quite nice cleans and crunch on channel A. It's a good punk amp but that's the only thing where it really outshines the others.
Not a fan of 5150s.
Never used an ENGL
Have you looked into Laneys?
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Aren't Rise Against using them atm? Just thought I read that somewhere.
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If I go for the Peavey 5150 II or the 6505+ is there any way to get the cleans to sparkle through the use of a clean boost or anything?

Also, I hear talk of having the Peaveys biased to KT88, what does this mean?

And lastly, for any of the heads I am looking at what cab would suffice? I have been looking at a Marshall 1960B or Mesa Boogie, both feature V30's. Any Peavey cabs though? I know a guy who runs a Marshall JCM 800 through a Peavey cab loaded with Sheffield's and it sounds mint...
I'd look into older 2 channel Dual Rectos, as they are apparently better than the "newer" ones which have 3 channels (however the 2010 3-ch models are supposed to be killer...). It will also maintain its value in the long run, if you ever choose to sell it.

However, your best bet is to go and try out a bunch of amps with YOUR guitar to see which one sounds the best. Let your ears decide
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The ENGL is definitely the best amp on that list.
Well, "IMO".
If I had that choice I'd take the Fireball in a heartbeat.
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