What software/tools do users of this site use to type up chord sheets? It's an indescribable pain to type up a long chord/lyrics sheet only to have the chords not match up properly when I paste it into an e-mail or export a PDF or something like that... help!
If you use an evenly spaced font, they should line up. I have heard of people using tables in microsoft word too.
I use Chord Chart Wizard. It's free.

And I also use Word. I start with Chord Chart Wizard. I can transpose songs on the fly with it and paste the result into Word to make it look nicer.

Word of caution. I copied and pasted directly from the Chord Chart Wizard into a Tab Submission block on here and my tab was rejected - line coding from the wizard creeped in or something it looked like when I saw the text file. I must have not previewed that particular tab since I thought I had the hang of it. It was my third one. Actually my forth, but I submitted the first one without being logged in. DOH! So if you use it, paste into Notepad or similar and THEN highlight and copy again from Notepad into the Tab Submission block.
I use notepad and a font with equal character width.
The following fonts all have equal character width:

Courier New
Lucida Console
Lucida Sans Typewriter
MS Mincho
OCR A Extended
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